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X-620 Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner
shock resistance laser barcode scanner
bidirectional wireless laser barcode scanner
visible laser diode barcode scanner
white bidirectional wireless laser barcode reader

X-620 Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner

  • 1.5M Shock Resistance
  • Long Lifespan Button
  • Reliable Laser Engine
  • Read All Standard 1D Bar Codes
  • Wired & Wireless Mode Easily Convertible
  • Traditional Durable Interface
  • 150scans/sec Scanning Speed
  • 50-100M Wireless Distance
  • Wireless Adaptor
  • Support upgrade online
  • Custom battery capacity 1500mha,2600mha
  • Support multi-language
  • Soft cover
User Manual User Manual  

products detail


Product Name 2.4G Bidirectional Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner
Model No. X-620
Light source Visible laser diode, wavelength 650nm
Error rate 1/50,000,000
Safety EN60825-1, China National Laser Safety Standard Class1
Decoding Capability 1D barcode like UPC/EAN/JAN, UPC/EAN with Supplementals, UCC/EAN 128, Code 39, MSI,
Code11, Codabar, Code93, Discrete 2 of 5, IATA, RSSvariants, Chinese 2 of 5, Inteleaved 2 of 5, 
China Post Code, etc.
Charging Interface RJ-45 crystal plug, 2 meters long (5V charger, LED light is red when it’s charging and green when it gets full charged.)
Trigger mode Manual
Resolution 4mil
Depth of scanning field 5mm~630mm
Scanning speed 200 scans/sec
Scanning mode Single line
Scanning resolution Minimum 30% reflective difference
Transmission Frequency 2.4G 
Transmission Distance 50-100 meters distance
Charging Time 3.5 hours
Charging Voltage DC 5V±5%
Setting Mode Manual(scan the setting barcodes)
Operating current 20mA(operating mode); 100mA(maximum peak)
Power 100MW(operating mode); 500MW(maximum peak)
Standby Current <20uA
Photic Intensity 3000~12000Lux
Scanning Angle ±60,±65,±42°(Left & right, Front & back, Turn)
Prompting Mode LED light
Temperature 0℃~50℃(operating mode); -40℃~60℃(storage)
Shock resistance 1.5 meters drop on concrete surface
Dememtion H*W*L: 162mm*76mm*96mm
Weight About 140g
Housing material ABS+PVC+PC
Color Black/White
EMC EN55022, EN55024
Electrical Safety EN60950-1
Packaging Level IP42
Test Standard EN55022:2006+A1:2007


What are the Operating Principle and Advantages and Disadvantages of wireless laser barcode scanner?

When the user touches the power switch or the corresponding equipment to electrify the bar code scanner, the VLD emits a red laser beam, which is expanded through the beam expanding lens and reflected the surface of the swinging mirror to form a laser point on the bar code. When the mirror oscillates, according to the principle of optical reflection, the position of laser points on the bar code changes, and the mirror oscillates continuously. Then we will see a red laser line on the bar code, which is caused by the visual temporary phenomenon. The surface of the bar code is rough. The reflection intensity of the laser spot on the bar code is different from that of the space. The diffuse reflected light is reflected on the reflector, then it is reflected the collector by the reflector. The collector collects the light, filters out stray natural light and shoots into the photosensitive diode, generates the photoelectric induction signal, and then amplifies it. Shaping and decoding, transforming into useful information, and transmitting it to the host.

The wireless laser barcode scanner can be divided into two forms: handheld and fixed. The handheld laser gun is easy to connect and flexible to use. The fixed laser scanner is suitable for the occasion with the largest reading and the smaller barcode, and can effectively liberate both hands.

Advantages: wireless laser barcode scanner can be excellent for non-contact scanning. Usually, laser reader is the only choice when the reading distance exceeds 30 cm. Laser reader has a wide range of barcode density and can read irregular barcode surface or through glass or transparent adhesive paper because it is non-contact reading, or it will damage the bar code label; because of the advanced reading and decoding system, the first reading recognition rate is higher, the recognition speed is faster than the light pen and CCD, and the recognition effect is better for the bad or blurred bar code; the bit error rate is very low (only about one third of a million); the anti-shock and anti-fall performance of the laser reader is good, such as the scanner of Symbol LS4000 series can prevent falling of 1.5 meters cement ground.

Disadvantage: The only disadvantage of wireless laser barcode scanner is its relatively high price, but if the total cost of purchase and use is calculated, it is not much different from the CCD reader.

Unable to read the cause of failure and troubleshooting methods:

1) The function of reading this bar code is not turned on.

2) Bar codes do not conform to specifications, such as the lack of necessary blank areas, the low contrast between bars and empties, and the inappropriate ratio of width to the width between bars and empties.

3) Direct sunlight, photosensitive devices into the saturation zone.

4) Bar code surface covered with transparent material, reflectivity is too high, although the barcode can be seen, the acquisition device reading conditions are strict so that it can not read.

5) Hardware failure, contact your distributor for maintenance.

On a laptop, a bar code scanner with a keyboard interface is equivalent to an external keyboard. If the keyboard interface of a laptop is connected to the keyboard, the possible changes are as follows:

1) The original keyboard is invalid. At this time, the barcode scanner is normal and the keyboard is not working.

2) The keyboard of the notebook computer is normal, and the external keyboard does not work. The barcode scanner does not work at this time.

Terms of the settlement of the wireless laser barcode scanner:

1) Setting BIOS automatically to make the external keyboard work

2) Connect keyboard interface bar code scanner

3) Bar code scanner with an external keyboard

4) Or use serial bar code scanner directly

After reading a bar code, the bar code scanner crashes:

1) Because of the protection function of the bar code scanner, if the data transmission of the read bar code is wrong, it will automatically enter the protection state, thus preventing data loss. If the data that has not been successfully transmitted is read, the barcode scanner can be reused.

2) If this happens, please carefully check the connection and agreement of the inspectors. After confirmation, turn off the bar code scanner, and then open it, it can be used again.

Equipment can not be powered on:

1) Poor power connection

2) Fuse Fuse Fuse

3) Power Circuit Fault of Bar Code Scanner

Faults that should be repaired:

1) Indicator lamp abnormal, the equipment can not work

2) Abnormal sound

3) No laser line

4) Scanning distance becomes very close. Wireless scanner guns usually have several data transmission modes:

1. Bluetooth distance is less than 10 meters, low cost

2. WIFI network distance up to 100 meters, high cost.

The transmission principle is to transmit the scanned digital text information to the receiver by radio wave and then to the computer by the receiver.


Packing Detail

  • Packing details:
  • bubble bag and XINMA color box
  • 50PCS/CTN
  • 16KG/CTN
  • CTN size:
  • 60*45*38.5CM
  • Packing list:
  • Barcode scanner*1
  • Cable(USB/KB/COM)*1
  • User manual*1
  • USB Adapter*1