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How to choose the best barcode scanner

  • source:Xinma
  • Date:09/18/2018

best barcode scanner reader

Through the means of informationization, the efficiency of enterprise operation can be effectively improved, and the order system and inventory system are excellent performances of enterprise informationization. In the process of using these systems, by connecting the scanning code device to the computer, the error rate of the product entry can be reduced. Scanning code guns and scanners are all scanning code devices for identifying barcodes and QR codes. This type of device is very common and is usually connected to a computer to identify the item or order by scanning the code. The identified information is directly entered into the invoicing system. Avoid manual input of goods with low coding efficiency and high error rate. Common in: supermarket cashier, warehouse management, etc.

In general, some supermarkets use handheld scanners, and some use stationary scanners. There are two types of hand-held scanners, one is wired and the other is wireless. We will introduce you to the new mainland X-1200 Modle, which is specially supplied by Foshan Xincode Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. The handheld 1D code auto-sensing scanner has a compact design, beautiful appearance and good hand feeling. Moreover, it provides a matching base. It adopts adaptive frequency hopping technology to support manual trigger &auto scanning mode, and adapt to various market applications. The scope of application is very broad.

The fixed two-dimensional scanner, that is, the two-dimensional code reader, desktop, non-handheld, placed on the table or fixed in the terminal device, the consumer can directly scan the payment code on the mobile phone against the fixed scanner. The window can be swiped to complete the payment. Here, we introduce you to a new mainland fixed barcode scanner GT-7120 specially supplied by Foshan Xincode Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. This fixed barcode scanner uses the world's leading chip-based New World intelligent image recognition technology to create an image. A new era of 2D barcode scanners. The GT-7120 can easily read barcodes on various printed media and display media such as paper, plastic cards, and LCDs. Its fully integrated design requires very little installation space and is extremely lightweight, making it easy to embed in a variety of product applications.

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