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Billing machine with barcode scanner, also known as barcode scanner/reader, is a device used to read information contained in barcode. It can be divided into one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcode scanners. The structure of barcode scanner usually includes light source, receiving device, photoelectric conversion unit, decoding circuit and computer interface. The basic working principle of the scanning gun is that the light from the light source illuminates the bar code symbols through the optical system. The reflected light passes through the optical system and is imaged on the photoelectric converter, which is interpreted by the decoder as a digital signal that can be directly accepted by the computer. Divided by one and two-dimensional bar code scanner classification. It can also be classified as CCD, all-angle laser and laser hand-held bar code scanner, and is widely used in supermarkets, logistics express, libraries and other scanned goods, documents bar code.

Laser scanner scanning window transparency mirror uses special steel material. It's transparent and very fast, far-reaching. The overall plastic needs to be odorless, high temperature, corrosion resistance, easy to scrub and to operate characteristics.

Billing machine with barcode scanner of Application Domain

Bar code scanner is widely used in commercial POS cash collection system, Express warehousing logistics, books, clothing, medicine, banking and insurance communications and other fields. Keyboard interface, USB interface and RS232 interface are available. Product standard includes scanner gun host, USB data line, manual and white bracket; express company, storage logistics, storage, inventory, supermarket, book and clothing stores, etc., As long as there are barcodes, there are radium codes.

Billing machine with barcode scanner of Development prospects

In recent years, the Internet of Things (IOT) has become a hot area of rapid development. More and more people in the industry have widely recognized the market prospects of the Internet of Things. Although many people feel that the Internet of Things has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, many people think that it is only a luxury to realize the Internet of Things in many fields in the shortest possible time. It is called different opinions, but now according to everyone. The well-known Internet of Things has indeed been widely used in some areas.

Imagine, we are living in rapid development of science and technology, it is not exaggerated to say that every day will change with each passing day. If we now cancel the bar code scanner in all supermarkets and continue to input the number of each commodity manually with the cashier, then the long queue in front of the supermarket's cash desk will give a big boost. What a restless shopping experience home brings. In a small way, people will definitely reduce the number of queues to buy goods in supermarkets. In a larger way, it can directly lead to a decline in consumption level. It is not conducive to the stable development of the economic level. Also, if we cancel the bar code scanner when we go to the shopping mall to buy clothes, the security of the goods will be greatly reduced, and the theft rate will be greatly increased. If we don't have a bar code scanner to track the location of the package when we buy online, who can be sure that the goods we buy can reach the buyer's home accurately?

Nowadays, bar code scanning technology has been widely used in many fields and industries, such as retail industry, manufacturing industry, logistics, medical treatment, warehousing, and even security. Recently, the most popular technology is the two-dimensional code scanning technology on Wechat, which can quickly and accurately identify information. After installing a new version of Weixin (software containing two-dimensional codes), your mobile phone can scan and identify the information contained in the two-dimensional codes directly with the mobile phone camera. Every micro-credit user can generate their own unique two-dimensional code. When you encounter a two-dimensional code, the mobile phone scanning can accurately appear the information of the people you want to find, which can effectively prevent people who do not know the wrong person from being friends.

Now many fast-food restaurants, such as KFC and McDonald's, have taken the lead in introducing two-dimensional code scanning electronic coupons instead of the previous electronic coupons. Because many electronic coupons in the past have time limitations, but the number and location are not limited, resulting in the proliferation of electronic coupons. Now the two-dimensional code scanning coupons are no longer limited by time and region, providing convenience for more consumers, but also large-scale promotions for businesses themselves.

Obviously, the prospect of barcode scanner will be limitless, because it fully conforms to the mentality that people need to do the most convenient things in the shortest time under the fast pace of modern society, and it will also be the trend of the times.