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Frequently Asked Questions

Foshan Xincode Electronics Technology Co,. Ltd

1. Fail to read barcodes.

A. Some barcode types don’t set to be read as factory default. Please check whether you enable this function.
B. The barcode is not correct. Please generate a new barcode.
C. There’s direct sunlight on the barcode and the photoreceptor becomes saturate. Please avoid direct sunlight.
D. There’s transparent material covered on the barcode. The high reflectance will influence the decoding performance.
E. Hardware failure: defective engine board.

2. Can read barcodes, but can't upload data.

A. Please check whether the cable is connected well.
B. Please check whether the settings of PC port and serial scanning are the same.
C. If it is wireless barcode scanner, please check if it is paired well with the computer.

3. There's no electricity of the barcode scanner.

A. PC insufficient electricity supply or external power source failure.
B. Hardware failure: defective cable or mainboard.

4. Wireless barcode scanner pairs successfully, but can't upload data.

Please reset factory default. Scan ‘factory default’ and ‘serial mode’.