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Features and Advantages of Platform Scanners

  • source:Xinma
  • Date:11/19/2018

Platform scanner which is often used in supermarket mobile E-payment and collection, warehousing inventory, self-service terminations for Kiosk and vending machine, and other occasions popularized conduct via barcode identification technology devices in the daily life. And it’s mainly divided two types including placed and embedded platform. The scanner can be placed on the platform, usually with continuous scanning or auto-sensing function.

Compared with the hand-held scanner, it released hands, reduced the probability of errors made from people, and extremely improved the entry efficiency and data accuracies. With the automatic transmission equipment conveyor producing line, full-automatic data entry can be realized. And scanning effect is the better than common handheld scanners.

Scanning platform of placement: GT-9120

scanning platform of placement

In addition, another embedded platform scanner is widely used in various self-service terminals to achieve self-service through embedded vending machines, gates, ticket machines, and kiosks. Because the self-service terminals have higher requirements in precision for identification, the most important two parameters when selecting the embedded platform scanner are the scanning depth and the scanning width.

GT-9900A that adopts CCD image scanning technology possesses omnidirectional overlarge wide angle windows and long-distance reading range as well as more moving objects recognition tolerance reached up to 3.82 M / sec. It is suitable for various self-service terminations.




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