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GT-8800 Desktop 2D Image Barcode Scanner
stable housing design barcode scanner

GT-8800 Desktop 2D Image Barcode Scanner

  • Brand name:GTCODESTAR
  • Product name:Desktop 1D Image Barcode Scanner
  • 1500scans/sec Scanning Speed
  • Stable Housing Design
  • Read All Standard 1D Bar Codes
  • Auto Scanning
  • Traditional Durable Interface
  • USB/KB/COM Supported
  • 20-line Omni Directional
User Manual User Manual  

products detail

Technical Parameters

Physical Parameters

Material ABS
Size L*W*H:149.0 * 109.5 * 99.5(unit:mm)
Weight 300.0g±5g(Without cable)
Power Consumption 1.35W(working);1.12W(standby);1.85W(maximum)
Power supply DC 5V ±5%

Performance Parameters

Support interface USB
System Supported Linux,Android,Windows XP、7、8、10,MAC
Light source Visable laser 650nm
Processor 32-bit MCU
Decoding Capability read all standard 1D codes
Resolution 5mil
Scanning Depth   code39 10mil : 2cm - 18cm
Scanning Speed 1500scans/sec
Reading mode 20-line laser
Bit error rate 1/5000000
Prompting Mode Buzzer ,indicator light (LED)
Printing contrast No lower than 25%
Scanning angle Omnidirectional scanning

Environment Parameters

IP Grade IP 52
Operating temperature 0 to 50 ºC / 32 to 122 ºF
Storage temperature 0 to 50 ºC / 32 to 122 ºF
Operating humidity 20% to 85%(No Condensation)
ESD Protection 15KV air discharge
Shock resistance 1.2m free fall on concrete surface