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How to use the wireless barcode scanner

  • source:Xinma
  • Date:10/15/2018

black and yellow wireless barcode scanner

When we test out at the mall, we can see that the cashier scans a barcode of the scanner in opposition to the product, and the rate of the product can be displayed on the POS. There are a lot of places in existence that want to use the scanner. When the courier organization signs the receipt, it wants to test the information. When the giant department shop counts the goods, it additionally desires to use the scanner. This article Xincode barcode scanner supplier will introduce the use of the wi-fi scanner, hope it helps you.

The use of wireless barcode scanners computing device is no longer plenty one of a kind from wired scanners. Just before scanning, we need to pair the wireless scanners. Maybe you do not understand this "pairing". Let me explain. Wireless barcode scanners commonly have a popular base, and this base is used to transmit facts and charge. So before beginning the scan, we want to pair the wireless scanner with the base. Once the pairing is complete, we can begin scanning. After scanning the barcode, we additionally need to switch the scanned barcode to the terminal such as a pc via the base. Here, we introduce you to a new mainland constant wireless 1D barcode scanner X-620 specifically furnished by means of Foshan Xincode Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. It guides the use of time 8-12 hours and has strong inventory mode for storing data. There are also some wi-fi scanners that do now not need to be paired. This is due to the fact these wireless weapons have a laptop records receiver (like the U disk), and when plugged into the computer, they can be used directly.

Xincode Electronics wireless laser barcode scanner

1) Connect one end of the facts cable with the crystal head to the base, and the different give up to the corresponding interface of the computer. At this time, the laptop will mechanically installation a driver. Wait for it to be established automatically.

2) Scan the barcode on the base with a wireless scanner and the pairing is successful. Note: Different manufacturers may also be paired with wireless scanners. This can be observed in the product-related manual.

3) Open a notepad, Word document or Excel and different software program with a cursor blinking on the computer, that is, as long as the keyboard can be input, the wireless scanner can begin scanning the barcode, and the barcode data will be instantly transmitted to In the computer. If the transmission is successful, the wireless scanner test can be used normally.

Scanners are a must-have tool in many jobs. For example, some express delivery industries, sales industries, giant branch stores, supermarkets, and shopping shops all want to use scanners to check the goods. There are two kinds of scanners, wired scanners and wireless scanners. Wired scanners use a facts cable to connect the scanner to a computer or POS. Wireless scanners are connected by way of wi-fi or Bluetooth.

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