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Wired 1D Laser barcode scanner

M-3200 Wired 1D Laser barcode scanner

1.5M Shock Ressistance
USB/KB/COM Supported
Long Lifespan Buton
Holder Optional
Traditional Durable Interface
Read All Standard 1D Bar Codes
Reliable Laser Engine
Ergonomic design,comfortable to use
User Manual User Manual  

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Technical Parameters

Physical Parameters

Light source Visible laser 650nm
Error rate 1/5,000,000
Safety According to national laser safety standard Class2
Barcode type Read all standard 1D bar codes
Supported interface USB cable;(RS232 can be customized)
Trigger mode Manual ;Continuous scanning
Detection distance 25cm (250cm2) 20cm (100cm2) 5cm (small area)
Baud rate RS232 baudrate: 2400-38400
Bar width Minimum 0.1mm(3mils)
Scanning width 60mm at 30mm (from objects); 98mm at 100mm (from objects)
Depth of scanning field 2~9cm (0.1mm bar width); 3~40cm (0.3mm bar width)
Scanning speed 150 times/sec
Scanning distance 10-600mm Elevation angle 60°, Inclination angle 45°
Operating temperature -20ºC~50ºC
Storage temperature -20ºC~60ºC
Operating humidity 0~95%
Storage humidity 5%~95%
Input voltage DC 5V±5%
Operating current 50ma (operating mode); 30ma (standby mode); 100ma (maximum peak)
Quiescent current 20mA
Shock resistance Pass 1.5 free fall test
Electromagnetic interference According to en8001, par1 standard
Dustproof waterproof According to iec529, ip42 standard
Scanner size H*W*L: 162mm*76mm*96mm
Shell material ABS+PVC+PC
Language Support multi-languages