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wireless QR Code Scanner | Xincode X-760
qr barcode scanner machine
white and yellow barcode scanner
code barcode scanner
yellow barcode scanner
qr code barcode reader

X-760 QR Code Barcode Scanner

Read all standard 1D and QR CODE

Read Barcode even on electronic screen,Can be used for mobile payments

Scan rate: Up to 300 scans/second

USB cable;(RS232 can be customized)

Plug and play

Compatible with Android, windows, and IOS systems

Soft cover

User Manual User Manual  

Technical Parameters

Material ABS+PC
Power Supply DC 5V ±5%
Power Consumption 650mW(working);162mW(standby);900mW(maximum)
Weight 120.0g±5g(Without cable)
Size L*W*H:161.5 * 77.0 * 88.0(unit:mm)
Color Grayish white;Black
Interface USB cable;(RS232 can be customized)
System Supported Linux,Android,Windows XP、7、8、10,MAC
Language Supported English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Finnish, Norwegian, etc.
Sensor Planar CMOS sensor
Light Source Red LED(Aiming)+White LED(lighting)
Processor 32-bit ARM MCU + DSP
Motion tolerance
Code128: 15cm/sec
     QR: 25cm/sec
Input voltage 4~5.5V DC
Resolution 4mil
Bit Error Rate 1/5000000
Reading Mode Image
Trigger Mode Manual ;Continuous scanning;Auto-sensing
Prompt Mode Buzzer, Indicator Light(LED)
Print Contrast 30%
Decoding Capability
Read all standard 1D codes and QR codes
Scanning Angel Roll360°,Pitch45°,Yew45°
Scanning Depth
 Code39 5mil:5cm  -  8cm   QR 20mil:4cm  -  25cm
IP Grade IP52
Operating Temp. 0 to 50℃ / 32 to 122℉
Storage Temp. 0 to 50℃ / 32 to 122℉
Operating Humidity 20% to 85%(No Condensation)
Storage Humidity 20% to 85%(No Condensation)
ESD Protection 15KV air discharge
Shock Resistance 1.2m free fall on concrete surface


QR code barcode scanner is an instrument for scanning two-dimensional code. It is commonly embedded, fixed and hand-held.

Type of the QR code barcode scanner:

Handheld QR code barcode scanner can scan PDF417, QR code, GM code two-dimensional code bar code scanning gun, such as Symbol DS6707. DS6708 and so on.
Fixed type

Fixed: that is, QR code barcode scanner reader, desktop, non-handheld, on the table or fixed in the terminal equipment. As the two-dimensional codes printed on paper and can be recognized on the screen of mobile phones, they are widely used in electronic ticketing, electronic coupons, membership system, mobile phone two-dimensional code boarding and other fields.

QR code barcode scanner for Mobile Phone

Mobile phone screen QR code barcode scanner reading is the most ideal barcode reading device for two-dimensional code e-commerce applications. It can be widely used in electronic membership cards, electronic coupons, electronic ticketings, electronic receipts and other electronic vouchers.

technical specifications

QR code barcode scanner for Mobile Screen and LCD Display

Super ability to read various two-dimensional/one-dimensional barcodes (customizable on demand)

Provide multiple interfaces (customizable on demand)

High sensitive optical equipment to ensure barcode reading under different light conditions

Omnidirectional barcode and image recognition

Intelligent Target Locking

CMOS Image Sensor Technology

Convenient Software Upgrade Method

Fashion-friendly design style